Sales manager appointed to realise significant growth potential

Chemian has appointed Laurence Hooley as Sales Manager to drive forward the company’s growth.

Laurence brings with him considerable experience of export sales for industrial and consumer applications. Most recently he was European Sales Manager for a leading global provider of silicates and derivative products, responsible for silica sales across EMEA regions.

Chemian owner Ian Dell said: “It’s a pleasure to welcome Laurence to the team. Sales of Citrepel have bounced back strongly from the Covid downturn and we know there is significant potential to continue this dramatic growth trend in forthcoming years. Laurence is an important part of our strategy to realise our ambitions.”

Laurence added: “I’m delighted to be joining the team at Chemian Technology at a really exciting time in the company’s development. The genuinely innovative product range with proven efficacy and consistently high production quality is driving growth in existing and new export markets. Working together with our growing network of commercial partners, the business is gearing up to achieve global reach – wherever customers want pleasant and safe-to-use alternatives to synthetic repellents without compromising on efficacy.”

Laurence Hooley can be contacted via email or by calling +44 (0) 1325 244200.