Citrepel® is used in products for humans and animals, with most involving the application of the formulation onto skin.

We are happy to collaborate with organisations seeking to develop special applications or novel uses wherever possible.

Products for people

The principal demand for Citrepel® is for formulating natural insect repellent liquids, sprays and creams. It can be used together with sun care actives to create products providing both sun and insect protection.

There is a growing market for materials impregnated with insect repellent. Because Citrepel® can be produced in highly concentrated form and is supplied as a liquid, it is well suited to such applications.

Products for animals

While Citrepel® can be applied to any animal, products containing Citrepel® are primarily aimed at the equine market.

In addition, we see opportunities for the development of products for dogs and also for domestic livestock, particularly farmyard and grazing animals.

Applicable to a wide range of biting insects

Citrepel® has been found to be effective against mosquitoes, midges, ticks, sand flies and horse flies. Following the outbreak of the Zika virus in a number of countries, international demand for Citrepel® has grown significantly. Tests have also been carried out on bed bugs. Further tests on other nuisance insects, such as fleas and clothes moths, are planned. We will update this list as more data comes in.

Please contact us for further information and to obtain recent test results.