Can I use Citrepel® in cosmetics?

Our Citrepel® is controlled in Europe under the Biocidal Products Regulations (and under a similar level of control in most countries) so it is not really a cosmetic ingredient. We are aware there are moves under way to see how ‘cross-over’ products (such as sunscreens with insect repellent effect) might be authorised, but we start from the position that the insect control effect is the predominant claim.

Is it safe to use on children / pregnant women?

Ethically we would never commission such a test, so this becomes a judgement call. The product has very low toxicity and also low skin penetration, so this would lead you to think it should be OK. However, particularly for small infants, we would suggest applying to clothing or bedding rather than directly to the child’s skin. Of course other ingredients in the final formulation might affect this and it is the responsibility of the formulator to ensure safety in this respect.

How ‘green’ is PMD?

While we have not carried out a full carbon footprint study, our Citrepel® is derived from natural essential oils and is made with minimal energy input, so has good ‘green’ credentials. We have plans to develop fully sustainable sources of supply, including with some major environmental projects (and look forward to reporting further on this in the future).

Can I boost the effect by adding other essential oils?

The evidence for boosting from other oils is weak and to date we have not seen any convincing data to support this idea.

Where can I get samples?

Call us on +44 (0)1325 244200 or email sales@chemian.co.uk.