About Us

Chemian Technology is best known for our Citrepel® range of naturally based insect repellent active ingredients.

We developed the product and now manufacture and supply it to our growing list of customers across the world.

In Europe, we operate through a 100% fully-owned subsidiary, Chemian Technologie SARL, based in Luxembourg. This enables us to maintain the registration of Citrepel® under the EU Biocidal Products Regulations and to ensure uninterrupted supply of our products during and after the Brexit transition period.

Chemian was established in 1996 by Managing Director, Ian Dell, with the aim of bringing in-depth knowledge, expertise and innovation to manufacturing and supply within the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Activities spanned three core areas: contract manufacturing; raw material sourcing and supply; and own-product innovation.

Our particular strength was in meeting new, unusual or complex requirements. Through a committed service ethos, industry knowledge, experience and problem-solving ability, we were able to deliver where others struggled. It was this perseverance and our considerable practical experience of formulation development, process development and product improvement that have contributed to the development and success of Citrepel®.

Manufacturing and sourcing

Although this is now a very small part of our business, Chemian Technology has extensive contacts and years of experience as an independent broker. We continue to provide services to customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries, ensuring we match toll manufacturing and product enquiries with the best available production partner.

We are also able to source and supply chemicals, ingredients and raw materials across the following areas and product categories: pharmaceuticals, personal care, cosmetic ingredients, natural oils and chemical intermediates. In addition, we carry out custom searches for innovative and novel materials.


Chemian’s years of experience in the chemical industry are particularly valuable for development projects. We bring to development not only a broad chemical knowledge but also practical experience. Our own success in this field is a clear demonstration of our capability. We are happy to discuss projects in confidence and to provide a critical assessment of viability.

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