Citrepel 75 passes important EU registration hurdle

We are pleased to announce that Citrepel 75 has been included into the Article 95 list of active substances for PT19 (repellents and attractants) in the European Chemical Agency’s Biocidal Products Registration (BPR) review programme.

Although Citrepel 75 had effectively been on the Biocidal Products Register for a number of years, the original substance was redefined in 2017, requiring the submission of new documentation. With its status validated, it now moves to the Article 95 list of fully supported substances.

“This is a significant step which has had an immediate positive impact on sales,” said Ian Dell, who discovered and developed Citrepel. “We submitted the dossier in November 2019 for a process that should have taken around 6 months. Unfortunately, due to Covid, it has taken 4 years. It puts us on a level playing field with other actives and sets us on course for full registration on the BPR.”

Citrepel 75 (Cymbopogon Winterianus H/C), manufactured by Chemian Technology, is a 100% natural plant-derived insect repellent active.

For more information, please contact Ian Dell or Laurence Hooley or call +44 (0) 1325 244200.