What is Citrepel?

Citrepel® is a natural highly effective insect repellent active developed and produced by Chemian Technology Ltd.

Key to the effectiveness of Citrepel® products is the concentration of its primary active compound, p-menthane-3,8-diol (PMD). PMD is a naturally occurring insect repellent molecule which exists in nature, but only in low concentrations. It is a decomposition product of many natural essential oils and also a first stage metabolite of menthol.

Citrepel® is registered under the Biocidal Products Directive (BPR) and is certified as a product of natural origin by ECOCERT.

Citrepel Grades

It is sold as an active ingredient for formulators and is typically supplied as homogeneous liquid, ensuring ease of use and consistency in application. Citrepel® is available in the following grades:

  • Citrepel® 50: a lemon-scented yellow liquid containing 45-50% PMD.
  • Citrepel® 50L: A low odour grade of Citrepel® 50
  • Citrepel® 65SL: A semi-solid form containing 64-72% PMD with a faint minty/citrus smell.
  • Citrepel® 65S: Available with a citrus/citronella smell
  • Citrepel® 75: a pale yellow viscous liquid with a faint minty/citrus smell containing around 75% PMD.

Unlike most natural repellents, higher percentages of PMD result in a significant increase in efficacy. Citrepel® 75 is the only product on the market in this higher-grade form. What is more, it has been refined, not only to increase the levels of the active component, but also to effect a significant reduction in the known irritant impurities found in the natural oil feed stock.


Citrepel® products containing the active PMD can be considered safe for use as an insect repellent at the recommended concentrations of up to 20%.

There is excellent tolerance to the skin at the concentrations intended for commercial formulations (up to 20%). Care should be taken when applying to the face to avoid getting material into eyes or sensitive areas of skin, such as lips.

Citrepel grades are generally described under the generic term of PMD Rich Botanic Oil (PMDRBO). PMDRBO has been extensively evaluated for safety. Results of toxicity studies indicate that it can be rated as having a very low order of toxicity.

In addition PMDRBO is considered safe with regard to effects on the tissues and organs of the body following longer term use. It has a good safety profile in terms of reproductive and developmental toxicity.

Please note: It is the responsibility of the formulator to ensure the final product formulation is non-irritant and safe for dermal application.