Low-odour Citrepel launched

Chemian has launched new low-odour grades of its natural insect repellent active, Citrepel®:

  • Citrepel® 50L: A low odour grade of Citrepel® 50
  • Citrepel® 65SL: A semi-solid form containing 64-72% PMD with a faint minty/citrus smell.

These extend the options available to formulators. Our standard Citrepel® 65S has a musty lemon smell, whereas Citrepel® 50 benefits from lemon grass to create a more appealing lemon scent. Citrepel® 75 is a more refined product, leaving just a trace of minty/lemon odour.

For full details about our Citrepel® range, please call +44 (0) 1325 244200 or email sales@chemian.co.uk