Data sets for efficacy of Citrepel® 75 at varying concentrations

Chemian is developing a data set to support the registration under BPR of an oil in water (o/w) emulsion system, with Citrepel® 75 content from 5% to 30%.

The emulsion system is a very simple o/w emulsion capable of being made cold with the aid of a high-speed mixer. We have been making this emulsion for many years both on a laboratory scale and in our small pilot scale production unit.

Initial accelerated stability tests (2 weeks at 54°C) show complete chemical and physical stability for the emulsion and its components.

Efficacy tests are under way for an increased level of active Citrepel® 75 up to 30% and decrease below 5%, to give a full range of data to support future regulatory approvals. Testing on a number of different insect species is also being carried out.

Samples of this emulsion at 5% Citrepel® 75 with the preservative system removed were submitted for challenge tests for both bacterial and fungal attack. Details of this test are available, but it appears that a ‘preservative free’ emulsion is feasible.