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Citrepel® is a natural, highly effective
insect repellent which outperforms
synthetic repellents in most tests.

Core activities involve:
Produced from natural essential oils, it is very
high in p-menthane-3,8-diol (PMD) and has been
shown to be highly effective against a broad spectrum of insects. This principal active, PMD, is the key to the effectiveness of natural products to repel insects, and occurs in some natural oils at very low levels. What makes Citrepel® different and so successful is that it has been developed by a process which dramatically increases the PMD level to consistently high levels, thereby giving hugely increased levels of protection.

Citrepel® is sold as a bulk active for formulators and is available in two grades:

  • Citrepel®: a lemon-scented yellow liquid with PMD level at around 50%
  • Citrepel® 75: a slightly-viscous pale liquid with PMD level of approximately 75%, low odour and with significant reductions in levels of known irritant impurities found in the natural oil feed stock.

Citrepel® has a consistent level of PMD and is the first commercially available ingredient of this form. It is available directly from Chemian Technology Ltd.