Chemian commits to maintain BPR registration
Following the decision of the UK population to leave the European Union, we are aware that some customers will have questions as to the likely impact on our registration under the EU Biocidal Products Regulations.

We would like to assure our EU customers that we will take whatever steps are necessary to maintain our BPR registration and that no interruption to our supply of Citrepel is anticipated.

Chemian achieves EHCA listing as approved supplier
Chemian Technology Limited is delighted to announce that, as of 29 March 2016, we are listed as a producer of a mixture of a ‘mixture of cis- and trans-p-menthane-3,8 diol (Citriodiol)’ on the Article 95 list of the Biocidal Products Regulations.

To see confirmation of the listing, please click here. You will find Chemian on page 104.

This enables Chemian to continue with all future production of our Citrepel 50 and Citrepel 75 in our own right.

We do not foresee changes in processes or business practices as a result, but we can now offer the documentation required for our clients to register their Citrepel-based consumer products with EU National regulatory bodies, prior to full inclusion of PMD-Rich Botanic Oil (PMDRBO) into the Biocidal Products Regulations.

Customers requiring a Letter of Supply from Chemian can email or call our Darlington office on +44(0)1325 244200.

Visit us at in-cosmetics in Paris April 2016
Chemian is exhibiting at in-cosmetics, the leading global business event
for personal care ingredients. We will be promoting our Citrepel® natural insect repellent active products, including Citrepel® 75 which is ECOCERT registered as 100% product of natural origin.

Citrepel is a highly effective repellent based on the active compound
p-menthane 3,8-diol (PMD), which is fully supported under EU Biocidal Products Regulations.

Come and visit us to find out more about our natural insect repellent actives at stand C67, in-cosmetics Paris from April 12-14.

Natural insect repellent range receives Queen’s Award for Enterprise
We are delighted to congratulate our customer incognito® whose range of insect repellents based on our Citrepel® active ingredient has been awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Sustainable Development category.

The award is given to businesses which ‘ensure a better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come.

Our customer, incognito®, received this prestigious award for applying ethical standards in developing a range of insect repellents which were the first products to of their kind to be as strong as pesticides, but natural and all produced with our planet in mind.

Citrepel is a naturally derived insect repellent active which out-performs synthetic actives in most tests and meets the ecological and organic cosmetic standards outlined by ECOCERT.

Chemian to become listed ECHA approved supplier
Chemian is to become a stand-alone entity individually listed as an ECHA approved active substance supplier of ‘a mixture of cis- and trans—methane-3,8-diol’.

In the meantime, customers can be reassured that the purchase of Citrepel products remains fully compliant with Article 95 of the Biocidal Products Regulations (BPR).

For an interim period, following the demerger (see below), the two companies are remaining part of the same group under Citrian Holdings Limited. This ensures there is no disruption to our customers’ ability to purchase Citrepel products in compliance with the BPR.

We anticipate the new listing to come into effect early in 2016.

Chemian and Citrefine demerge
Chemian Technology Limited and Citrefine International Limited jointly decided to demerge the two businesses from October 2015.

The Chemian insect repellent business interests, specifically the Citrepel® products, have reverted to Chemian and are being run from the Darlington office.

The demerger has taken place by mutual agreement and customers will see no disruption to the service they receive. Ian Dell and Christine Hodgson will continue to be the main points of contact.

All orders for Citrepel products should be placed with Chemian from 1st October 2015. All such purchases will remain completely compliant with Article 95 of the BPR.